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Based on the iconic paintings of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who changed the face of European painting forever with his abstract compositions of straight lines and coloured rectangles, this sophisticated, limited-edition (only 5000 created!) deck brings a one-of-a-kind look to your repertoire.

The De Stijl ('The Style') inspired card backs reflect Mondrian’s classic colours and elegant, clean lines, and the court cards are also printed in Mondrian’s bright primary colours.

Most excitingly, the deck also features custom jokers and Ace of Spades that pay homage to Mondrian’s designs. Printed by the USPCC, they're printed on crushed Bee stock for discerning card handlers.


The tuck case is made of synthetic soft-touch paper and features a facsimile of Mondrian’s signature in sculpted silver matte foil, also lining the tuck case’s interior

Hey you, you looking pretty fly

  • 8+ Suitable for 8+ years