Learn by playing

Magic is an amazing activity for helping kids grow more confident and work on their critical thinking.  


  • Magic is a learning-by-doing activity
  • Our activities stimulate constructive peer to peer feedback
  • Helps teach the discipline of practice
  • Magic helps children to empathise
  • Kids learn about presentation, showmanship, storytelling, body language and presence
  • It’s fun!
  • A skill that with practice can last a lifetime

We've worked with:

Our workshops:

Magic takeover

1 day where Abracademy Magicians invade your school. We give a Short show and presentation during an assembly for all classes followed by 45 min workshop with each grade. Maximum 6 classes per day.

"Abracademy provided a professional and personal service, ensuring that our children received lively and engaging sessions.”

- Katy Hornshaw, Lower School Deputy Principal, Dwight School.

ECA & school classes

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"Many thanks for inspiring the boys to learn and develop their skills in this area.”

- Nikki Scaffidi, Head of the Middle School, Hereward House School.

Taster workshop

Get a taste of what Magic at your school is like and see the kids reactions. Our magicians will come for a 45 minute workshop and presentation with one class Maximum 30 kids.

"Abracademy created a truly magical learning experience. Their love of magic is infectious, and their session leaders plan structured sessions with clear learning outcomes while maintaining high levels of engagement.”

- Anthony Mensah, Session Leader at Hackney Pirates

Our team

Alex Pittas
Co-founder AKA Head Magician

Rubens Filho
Co-founder AKA Director of Spells

Priya Ghai
Mind Master

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If you would like to speak to us to find out more about how we could help your organisation change their magic mindset please get in touch.

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