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Workshops for the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... 

There’s something magical about magic. It opens the mind to new possibilities, it stimulates creative and critical thinking, enhances presentation skills, breaks down barriers, builds trust between colleagues and above all, it’s fun!

We’ve created a series of workshops based on principles and philosophy of magic. Each one is designed to unlock the potential of people and groups in the workplace.

All workshops are grounded in our Magic Mindset. This is the ability to see the world in a new way and to make the impossible possible.

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Team magic

Our most transformative workshop. Teams learn and grow together through creating some incredible magic (literally) but more importantly finding their own magic! We will reveal hidden secrets for improved team connection and the unseen marvels of increased communication skills. This workshop provides a fun, surprising and unifying experience which ends in a mind-blowing magic show. Ta-dah.

"Abracademy is a brilliantly different approach to creativity and team building."

-Jack Wood Account Manager at Twitter

Create magic

In our creativity and innovation workshop we help groups uncover a positive way of thinking that allows them to dream big and make the seemingly impossible, possible. It’s a crafted mix of play, practice and performance that gets teams thinking more creatively and positively. Huzzah.

"Abracademy teaches magic to businesses to “help them become extraordinary. The process of inventing new tricks and performing magic is all about innovation and experience design, and it’s a highly iterative and experimental method of problem solving through cycles of making, testing and learning."

-Tim Malbon, Founding Partner at MadebyMany

Inner magic

Magic for public speaking and communication is very effective. In this workshop we teach you how to better communicate with others and an audience. We explore the tricks that make magicians super performers and use experience based learning to help you discover your own technique. We’ll teach you showmanship, storytelling, attention control, whole person speaking, confidence and a couple of killer tricks. It is magic after all.

"I made some real learnings to improve my presentation and communication skills and what is more I learnt 'magic'. My manager and my children are both impressed - win/win"

- Kieren McKenna, Senior Project Manager at NandosUK

Meet the team

We have a powerful diverse team of magicians, coaches, facilitators and design thinkers.

Rubens Filho
AKA Director of Spells

Alex Pittas
Co-founder & Magic Facilitator
AKA Head Magician

Priya Ghai
Head of Learning & Lead Facilitator
AKA Mind Master

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