This world needs magic.

Not just rabbits in hats and card tricks, but the true magic that engages and transforms, the magic that happens between people. Unleash your inner magician with Abracademy's workshops - get in touch to find out more:

Why magic and why Abracademy?

Magic is about cards, wands, things that appear and disappear, but magic is also a fantastic way of using meaningful play to help people connect and develop.

Which is why, at Abracademy, we’re on a mission to bring the power of magic to everyone - we work with companies, schools and individuals to unleash everyone's inner magic. Ta-dah!


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Our social mission: bring magic to more people

We want to make sure everyone can experience the power of magic, no matter who they are and what their circumstances.

We love to work with schools and we also run social, and community, programs where we know it will make a big difference. We're particularly focused on programs for positive mental health and well-being, working with organisations such as the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust and minds@work.

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Magic at schools

Meet Abracademy

We have a powerful and diverse team of magicians, facilitators, thinkers, and doers.

Want to be a Magilitator?
We’re always on the lookout for magician-facilitators to work with:

Lizzie Dyson
Social Media Content
AKA Social Sorcerer

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Will Reynolds
Product Manager

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Anne Brassier
Senior Product Manager
AKA Cosmic Creeper

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Rubens Filho
Co-founder & CEO
AKA Director of Spells

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Alex Pittas
Facilitator and Head Magician
AKA Mr Magic

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Will Tribble
AKA Film Wizard

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Priya Ghai
Learning Designer & Facilitator
AKA Mind Master

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Billy Menezes
Content Creator
AKA Creator of Magic

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Sam Richards
Creative Content
AKA Arcanist

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Katy Jackson
Head of Design
AKA Chief of WOW

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