This world needs magic.

Not just rabbits in hats, or secrets and mysteries. Real magic. Hands on and social. Magic that includes and transforms. Introverts and rebels. Changed forever.

Why magic and why us?

There is something magical about magic. But for too long it’s secrets have been trapped in small circles and dusty top hats.

Yes magic is about the whizzes, the bangs, the cards, the wands, the appearing and the disappearing but it can also teach us an awful lot about ourselves.

Magic is a fantastic way of using play and performance to help us to develop our confidence and improve our communication skills.

Which is why at Abracademy, we’re on a mission to bring the power of magic to as many people as possible.

We’re a 21st century magic school that sells magic kits, produces online magic tutorials and runs real life magic workshops, so that as many people as possible can see, feel, learn and master the power of magic. Huzza!

 Magic at schools

More magic to more people (social mission)

We want to make sure everyone can experience the power of magic, no matter who they are and what their circumstance.

We run free workshops for people that might otherwise not get the opportunity and who we know it’ll make a big difference too. This might be people who are in hospital, ex-servicemen and their children, people with mental health difficulties.

If you think you know someone or some people who could do with a little more magic in their life please let us know by emailing 

Find out about our work in schools and companies.

Magic workshop brazil

Who we are

We’re a group of magicians, experience designers and friends who use the principles of magic, group dynamics and the creative process to develop a framework for self discovery through experiential learning.

Want to join our team of magicians? We’re looking for magicians of all ages to help teach others in our online courses or camps. Get your magic spell ready and drop us a line. Join the team

Rubens Filho
AKA Director of Spells

Alex Pittas
Co-founder & Magic Facilitator
AKA Head Magician

Katy Jackson
Chief of WOW

Robert De Wilde
Rabbit in a hat

Priya Ghai
Head of Learning & Lead Facilitator
AKA Mind Master

Erin Potter
Product Manager
AKA Keeper of Potions

Hugo Caffaratti
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

Alex Mackain
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

Will Tribble  
Camera Wizardry

Julie Donckers 
Social Sorcerer

Dafedas B  
Miracle Maker

Want to join our team of magicians?

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